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Study in Germany for Pakistani Students step by step information

Getting Started- A step by step guide!

Study in Germany for Pakistani Students step by step information

How can I find a suitable degree course?

German universities offer a total of more than 900 degree courses in English language. Most foreign students go for these courses, since they prefer to cover their course work and write their thesis in English rather than in German language. Of course, foreign students are also welcome to enroll to degree courses in German language. Proof of sufficient knowledge of German is however a precondition in this case. Find your degree course at or use our International Programmes database.

About Ranking: In general, all German research universities and universities of applied sciences all meet a high standard of research and teaching. University ranking is thus not that common in Germany. Ranking is done for single subjects instead. Use the CHE ranking according to your own priorities. For information on German university ranking, visit:

Which requirements do i have to meet when applying for a degree course?

Undergraduate courses

The Pakistani HSSC is not considered as equivalent to a German Secondary School Certificate (“Abitur”). As a holder of a HSSC you have to complete two years of undergraduate studies at a university in Pakistan before you may apply for an undergraduate course in the same field in Germany. Another option is to visit a foundation course in Germany (Studienkolleg) and pass a test (“Feststellungsprüfung”) before you are eligible to apply for an undergraduate course. For detailed information on the foundation courses in Germany, please visit Preparatory & Introductory Courses or the website of the Studienkollegs.

You need, however, basic knowledge of German when applying for a foundation course. High school graduates holding an A-level may apply directly for an undergraduate course at a German university depending on the number and the field of their A-level subjects. More information on foundation courses can be found here.

Please read through the following guideline if you wish to go for undergraduate studies Undergraduate Education in Germany “

Information on Studienkolleg if you do hold an HSSC certificate  (FSc/ FA)

Guideline: How to study Medicine in Germany

Study in Germany for Pakistani Students
Study in Germany for Pakistani Students

Graduate courses

Applicants have to have competed 16 years of education (M.Sc., M.A., B.Eng, BS) before applying for a Master’s course in Germany.

How can I apply?

If the university you wish to apply to participates in the programme “Application Services for International Students” (UNI-ASSIST), you have to apply via UNIASSIST. With one application submitted to UNI-ASSIST, you can apply to several universities at a time. You will have to pay a fee of 55 Euro for your first application and 15 Euro for all additional universities you want to apply to.

If your university is not participating in the UNI-ASSIST programme, you have to apply to the university directly. You will find all information concerning application on the university’s website or on the website of the selected degree course.

 Do I need to know German?

For all international degree courses with English as language of instruction the requirements are listed on the website of the programme. In most cases a certain IELTS or TOEFL score is required. When applying for a programme in German language, you have to pass a respective German language exam.

But even if you plan to study in English language, it is highly advisable to learn enough German to be able to communicate with people.

In Pakistan, German language courses are offered by Goethe Institute Karachi, Annemarie Schimmel Haus Lahore and National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad and several other providers.


Study in Germany for Pakistani Students

Study in Germany for Pakistani Students

Study in Germany for Pakistani Students