HEC Degree Equivalence – Full Procedure with Inside Steps

 HEC Degree Equivalence – Full Procedure with Inside Steps:

HEC Degree Equivalence – Full Procedure with Inside Steps
HEC Degree Equivalence – Full Procedure with Inside Steps

The following documents will be required for determining the equivalence of a qualification:

  • Attested copy of each certificate/degree obtained with English translation
  • Original and attested photo copy of each degree/diploma obtained from abroad & its attested translation
  • Photo copy of transcripts year-wised.
  • Proof of registration for the degree/diploma (a copy of admission letter etc. be provided)
  • Printed/photo copy of the syllabus from the official record of the institution conferring the degree (English version   only)
  • A copy of thesis in case of research degree
  • Documentary evidence of completion of studies abroad (supported by passport entries, university letter etc.
  • Study leave order (for in-service personnel only)
  • Proof of scholarship, (in case of scholarship holder)
  • A certificate relating to previous studies (or photocopy of degree certificates)
  • Original passport duly endorsed with visas of countries concerned
  • Copy of National Identity Card
  • Bio-data indicating specifically the period of study spent abroa
  • Fee non-refundable

Equivalence means to determine the status of a degree/diploma obtained from any foreign chartered University/Institution as comparable to a corresponding degree/diploma obtained from any chartered Pakistani educational Institution/University.

This equivalence determines the level of education of an applicant with reference to National Educational System of Pakistan and enables him/her to pursue higher studies and enjoy equal rights & privileges as admissible to any Pakistani having degree from any chartered University/Institution of Pakistan.

Following steps has been taken to ensure the genuineness/ authenticity of the foreign degrees/diplomas.

a. To determine the status of degrees held from foreign chartered/accredited university/Degree awarding institutions, the Commission consults the following international directories:-

    Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education- published by American Council on Higher Education.
    World List of Universities- published by the UNESCO.
    International Hand Book of Universities.
    Commonwealth Universities.
    The Europa World of Learning.
    World of Learning.
    World Guide to Higher Education, Comparative Survey of Systems, Degrees and Qualifications.

b. In case, University/Institution is not enlisted amongst the list of chartered Universities/Institutions of any country, the Commission consults the concerned Embassies/High Commissions in Pakistan.
c. The Commission also gets assistance from official websites of National Bodies of the concerned countries to determine the status of university/institution and its offshore campuses.

2.1          Principal Criteria for Granting Equivalence  

The recognition/equivalenceof the degrees, diplomas and certificates awarded by the accredited/chartered foreign universities is granted in light of general decision of Equivalence Committee of erstwhile UGC/HEC on 20.3.1986.
The decision is “Degrees/Diplomas Certificates awarded by accredited Universities may be treated in general as equivalent to corresponding degrees/ diplomas/ certificates from Pakistan.”


Applications for the Higher Education Commission (HEC) may be addressed to the Director General (A&A), Higher Education Commission, Sector H-9, Islamabad, (Tel: No. + 92-(051) 90400917, 90400913, 90400912, Fax: +92 (051) 90400902.
a.       The application should be made on the prescribed form E-01 for general and professional degrees.
b.        The application should be made on form E-02 for Deeni Sanad.
c.        Applications for equivalence in respect of Secondary School and Higher Secondary School Certificates are dealt with by the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (Address: Federal Board of Intermediate Education (FBISE), H-8/4, Islamabad (www.ibcc.edu.pk ).

3.1          Equivalence Steps for Walk in applicants

Fill out online application form available at http://des.hec.gov.pk

Attach a set of photocopies of all the documents as mentioned in the form at Clause-IV      (Documents required).
Present all the original certificates/degrees along with its transcripts/diploma supplement from Matric onward to the highest degree.
Documentary proof of completion of study abroad supported by passport, visa, entry/exit for study period.

e.        Equivalence fee Rs.5000/- (Non-refundable) per degree/diploma.
f.        At equivalence site of HEC, Islamabad, HBL representative is available for deposition of equivalence fee at Window 1.

3.2          Equivalence through HEC Regional Centers

The applicants may also submit their applications through regional centers of HEC located at:

55-B/2, Gulberg-III, Lahore
Liaquat National Library Premises, Behind T.V Station, Stadium Road, Karachi.
Near Peshawar Text Book Board, Phase-I, Hayatabad, Peshawar.
Balochistan University of Information Technology & Management Sciences, TAKATTU Campus, Air Port Road, Quetta. (Ph:081-2880082)

Requirement for Final Equivalence Letter

As per policy, before getting final equivalence letter, the applicant needs to have an e-mail sent directly from his/her university/ institution to the HEC at “sasim@hec.gov.pk” confirming genuineness of degree/diploma.   The confirmation can also be sent through sealed envelope/fax directly to the HEC, Islamabad, addressing DG (A&A).


The Higher Education Commission has prescribed the following rates of fee on equivalence certificates. The amount of fee may be deposited in cash with the Finance Division of the HEC, Islamabad or through bank draft/pay order in favour of DG-Finance, Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.

a.       Bachelors, Bachelor (Hons)/Master (14-16 year)
local Rs 1500/-                International Rs 5000/-

b.       M.Sc (Hons)/M.S/M.Phil. or equivalent

Local Rs 2000/-                     International Rs 5000/-

c.        Ph.D. or equivalent

Local Rs 2000/-                       International Rs 5000/-

d.       Fee for duplicate equivalence letter

Local / International Rs 300/-

As per decision of the equivalence committee of erstwhile UGC, only “Deeni Sanad- ShahadatulAlmiyaFilUloomal Arabia WalIslamia” awarded by the following 5 recognized Wafaq, Tanzeem, Rabit-ul-Madaris and 5 individual Madaris as equivalent to M.A. Arabic/Islamic studies for the purpose of teaching Arabic and Islamic studies in Colleges and Universities and for purpose of pursuing higher studies in these two fields. (Five located in Lahore, Two in Faisalabad, and one each in Sargodha, Multan&Karachi Districts)
The holder of this sand needs to pass/qualify two additional elective subjects other than Arabic and Islamic Studies along with two compulsory subjects of Pakistan Studies and Islamic studies at the B.A. level from any chartered University of Pakistan as pre-requisite for getting employment in fields other than teaching. Provisional equivalence letters are normally issued within one to two days.

Name of 5 Recognized Wafaq/Tanzeem and Rabit-ul-Madaris
a.       Tanzeem-ul-Madaris AlheSunnat, JamiaNaeemia, GhariShaho, Lahore.
b.       Rabita-ul-Madaris Al IslamiaMansoora Road, Lahore.
c.        Wafaq-ul-Madaris Shia, Jamia-al-Muntazar, H. Block, Model Town, Lahore
d.       Wafaq-ul-Madaris Al-Salafia, Hajiabad, Post Code 38600, Faisalabad.
e.        Wafaq-ul-Madaris Al-Arabia, Markazi Office Gordon Town, Sher Shah Road, Multan.
Name of 5 Recognized Individual Madaris
a.       JamiaIslamiaMinhaj-ul-Quran, 366 Model Town, Lahore.
b.       JamiaAshrafia, FerozPur Road, Lahore.
c.        JamiaTaleemat-e-Islamia, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad,
d.       DarulUloomMohammadiaGhousia, BheraDistt. Sargodha.
e.        DarulUloom, Korangi Creek, K. Area, Karachi.
For recognition, the Sanad holders are required to have passed following courses before award of “ShahadatulAlmiyaFilUloomal Arabia WalIslamia”.
a.       Middle School Certificate  ————— 8-years of study (Entrance requirement of SanviaAma)
b.       ShahadatulSanivaAama————–  2-year of study.
c.        ShahadatulSanivaKhasa————–  2-year of study.
d.       Shahadatul Alia                  ————–  2-year of study.
e.        ShahadatulAlmiya————–  2-year of study.
Total                                                                   16-year of study
TheShahadatulSanivaAama&Khasa Asnads are equivalent to Matric and intermediate with certain conditions by inter Board of Committee of Chairman (IBCC), located at Federal Board of Education, Building, H-8/4, Islamabad. The sanad ‘Shahadatul Alia’ awarded by religious institution is not recognized as equivalent to any academic degree. However, this is mandatory for admission into the final sanad“ShahadatulAlmiyaFilUloomal Arabia WalIslamia”

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