Saudi Culture attestation with new requirements

Saudi Culture in Islamabad recently changes the requirements. Here are new requirements for Saudi Culture Attestation 2018

Saudi Culture Attache Islamabad New Attestation Requirements change the requirements. Here is the Saudi Culture Attestation from Pakistan with the latest requirements.

Saudi Culture attestation with new requirements  step by step information

check Samples of supporting documents. 

These details are for those who have IQAMA

  1. Contract letter original attested by Saudi MOFA and Saudi Chamber. In the contract letter contract start and end date, passport no should be mentioned.
  2. Request letter original for Saudi Culture Attache should be attested by Saudi Chamber.
  3. Degree original attested by HEC and MOFA
  4. Transcript original
  5. University verification letter attested by MOFA Pakistan.
  6. CNIC Copy
  7. Passport Copy
  8. Courier slip
  9. University verification feed paid Callahan copy. (new requirement)
Saudi Culture attestation with new requirements March 2018
Saudi Culture attestation with new requirements

After completing the above requirements. Need to send directly courier to Saudi Culture Attache Islamabad, Pakistan.

Check out sample documents for Saudi Culture and Saudi Embassy Attestations.

Iqama and passport copy on company letter pad with company representative stamp and sign.

If the above-required documents are not complete culture will not attest to the documents. The name should be the same on all documents. i.e cnic, iqama, passport, degree, letters

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