Sponsor A Child

Noor Traders is doing different task in different field. One of our new project is about welfare Charity and Fundraising.

This project is about Support a child for education. Many children in Pakistan enable to go to school due to fee/money problem. Noor Traders support these types of family. More details are motioned below:


  • You can sponsor a child for 1000 PKR a month
  • You’ll create a unique connection and be their only sponsor. You can choose whether to sponsor a girl or boy
  • You’ll see their life changing, through the notes, letters and photographs you receive
  • Your donations help a whole community through funding projects such as building schools, digging wells and providing vaccinations
  • We have 32 students out of 54 hoping for sponsorship. Rs.12,000 for one academic year.
  • Against your support you will provide you receipt. You can also meet with your support child or his/her families.


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